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Tarkarli Malvan Scuba Diving Price

The Malvan Tarkarli sea beaches along with Sindudurg Fort were one of the southernmost tourist destinations in the Maharashtra tourism list. In the present days, it is no more a beach tour and historic tour place; instead, it is the major adventure water-sport destination in India. You can check online for Tarkarli scuba diving packages along with other water sport activities to do in Malvan. The scuba diving in Malvan cost is much cheaper than any other tourist places in India. The Maharashtra tourism development corporation (MTDC) guides the private venture operation in water sporting activities in Malvan beaches, backwaters and on Karali River.

Tarkarli Water Sports Season

The non-rainy season in Maharashtra is from October to May. The summer season is the best time to come for Tarkarli Malvan water sporting activities. The monsoon or the rainy seasons are also looks exotic to do water rides apart from scuba diving and snorkeling. The below are list if rides you can enjoy in Malvan Tarkarli tour packages.

  • Snorkeling
  • Banana Ride
  • Parasailing
  • Bumper Jumping or Bumper Ride
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Dolphin Sighting Trip
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Scuba Diving
  • Swimming
  • Jet Ski

Tarkarli Scuba Diving Season

The non-monsoon season is the right time to visit Malvan for scuba diving. During these months, the seawater is clear and you can see nowhere such crystal-clear seawater for scuba diving in India. It has exotic seabed full of colorful coral life. The scuba diving will be an entirely unforgettable experience from Malvan. Tarkarli scuba diving cost do varies according to tourist season in Malvan.

How to Book Malvan Adventure Water Sport Activities

Tarkarli scuba diving booking must be avail in advance if you are planning to visit in the weekends and on holidays. The Malvan scuba diving cost may differ as per seasons. There are many private water sport companies, who organize water rides as per the booking of adventure seekers and tourists as first come first serve basis. You can check from their website for water rides and their charges. You can compare the scuba diving in Tarkarli price with other water sporting organizers in Malvan.

  • The scuba diving package includes complete set of scuba diving gear.
  • The scuba diving is very safe to do in Malvan due to shallow waters.
  • Scuba diving in Tarkarli cost is inclusive of diving experts who accompany you in the waters and on the top of water on boat, until the scuba diving is over.
  • Marine lovers and adventure seeks without swimming knowledge can also do scuba diving with the guidance and professional scuba divers from the adventure sport company, who will accompany you under the seawater.

You can book your Malvan tour package for more than three days to enjoy the silent sea beaches of Malvan, water sport rides on Tarkarli and relax on the lap of Mother Nature. You can book online from Water Sport Company’s website and get discounts on Malvan scuba diving charges.


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