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Scuba Diving in Malvan Tarkarli

Malvan is the important water adventure-sport destination in Maharashtra tourism list. The scuba diving in Malvan, Maharashtra is permit by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) and private ventures with all safety measures for tourist and adventure seekers coming here. The scuba diving at Tarkarli is the major tourist attraction place alongside the beach of Konkan cost on the Arabian Sea. There are unbelievable Tarkarli scuba diving packages for domestic and international tourists. The scuba diving in Tarkarli online booking in advance is advisable to all adventure seekers and marine lovers before coming to Malvan tour.

Tarkarli Beach Scuba Diving

The water-sport adventure scuba diving at Malvan is an opportunity to see coral polyps, turtles, starfish, color fishes, under water coral reef and tiny plant species from under seawater closer to seabed. You can have a mystic look of coral life as glittering light passes through clear seawater and the seawater wave shadow reflecting on the seabed. The scuba diving Malvan cost is affordable and you can do advance booking before coming to Malvan adventure tour. The blow is safety measures taken by the scuba diving organizers-

  • The scuba diving cost includes the diving gear and a dedicated instructor to guide your smooth exploring of underwater marine species.
  • You no need to worry, if you do not know swimming. The scuba diving gear itself makes you float on the seawater. You will be in the hands of underwater diving experts provided by the scuba diving organizers.
  • The scuba diving experts will provide you all required instruction before taking you to dive inside the seawater.
  • Scuba diving in Malvan is safe as the seabed is just 20feet in depth. Moreover, the seawater is calm, crystal-clear and free from dirt.
  • You need not worry about sea current, as the organizers will take you under the sea when seawater is calm or when it is without high tide.
  • The boat carrying you to the scuba diving site do have expert swimmers on the top of water following your underwater exploring and the scuba divers have double safety by underwater guide and organizers person on the surface of water on the boat.

Major Water Sport Rides Available in Malvan

  • Banana Ride
  • Snorkeling
  • Parasailing
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Bumper Jumping or Bumper Ride
  • Dolphin Sighting Trip
  • Boating Point
  • Scuba Diving
  • Jet Ski
  • Speed Boat Ride

Malvan Scuba Diving Season

The summer season or the non-rainy months like (October to May) are the best time to visit for scuba diving Tarkarli in adventure tour packages. The seawater will be crystal-clear to see the seabed clearly with exotic coral life beneath 20feet depth on the seabed. The weekends are always busy here and it is advisable to book your scuba diving in advance over phone or through online booking from the official website of the scuba diving organizers. You can book the entire water adventure rides from their website and can get timely discounts on Malvan adventure tour packages.


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